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Our warehouse, at Bluewater Primo is full of all sorts of hidden discontinued items; trolling lures, skirts, terminal tackle and accessories.  Once they are gone, these are gone for good and cannot be re-ordered.  Take you time going through this amazing selection of fantastic deals.

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Bumba Trolling Lure, by Big T Lures
The Bumba, by Big T Lures is an excellent medium-size plunger style skirted trolling lure that is perfect for all billfish and other pelagic predators.  Pink & white is proven color on bright days. 14" overall and is available pro-rigged
$31.95 $20.77
Ex Tax: $19.50
Chanda Ranga Big Game Trolling Lure
The Chandra Ranga is a super plunger measuring 15 ¾”.  This skirted trolling lure can also double as a billfish raising teaser.  Skipjack tuna patterned having a holographic head with oversized wobbling eyes and a heavy duty vinyl double skirt.  Made by Big T Lures.    
$42.60 $34.08
Ex Tax: $32.00
Gen.1 Medium Tornado Dorado
The Generation 1, Medium Tornado is a heavy, chrome over brass jet head skirted trolling lure with glued on double-vinyl dorado skirts.  Each Bluewater Primo Tornado trolling lure has a deep concave nose with four jetted ports, which leave a bubble smoke trail making it an easy target for hungry wahoo and tuna.    Overall, these Medium Tornado trolling lures measure 10” and the head measures 2” x 7/8.”  The head weight is 4 oz.  Available un-rigged or rigged.    ON SALE UNTIL ALL GEN. 1 TORNADOS ARE GONE! SOLD OUT!
Ex Tax: $39.99
Green Machine Trolling Lures
We have unearthed a box of un-used 12” Green Machines.  No telling as to how long we’ve had them but they are in very good condition; skirts are near perfect, not sticky at all but the heads are showing a slight hint of yellowing.  The Green Machine trolling lure has most likely caught more fish than any other one type of lure ever made.  Trolling speeds from 4 knots to 10 knots.  Highly effective on tuna, dolphin (mahi mahi), sailfish and marlin.   Quantities are limited.  
$17.04 $8.52
Ex Tax: $8.00
Venturi Jet Head Skirted Trolling Lures, Rigged.
These Venturi jet head trolling lures have chromed brass heads and measure 7” overall.  Their concave nose combined with six jetted ports make a bubble trail that pelagic predators find irresistible.  Excellent for wahoo, tuna, mahi mahi and striped marlin. Rigged with 270# stainless steel cable and heavy duty stainless steel 7/0 southern J-hook.  Only $10.00 each while supplies last!  
$18.05 $10.65
Ex Tax: $10.00
Zulu Impi, by Big T
Zulu Impi Skirted Marlin Trolling Lure This Zulu Impi skirted trolling lure, by Big T has grander marlin written all over its face!  This plunger style skirted trolling lure-teaser catches attention like a fire truck.  Its 3” hard acrylic plunger head has a holographic red weighted insert with big doll eyes.  A double-vinyl skirt that has red mackerel over red & silver is skillfully attached.  Overall, this marlin lure or marlin teaser measures 16” in length.       Please note: this is a closeout item and is the only one in stock.     
$42.60 $27.69
Ex Tax: $26.00
Rum Cay Chugger Trolling Lure
Rum Cay Chugger Trolling Lure. The Rum Cay Chugger, by Bluewater Primo is a medium size skirted trolling lure, which is perfect for Marlin, Sailfish, Spearfish, Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) and Tuna.  This lure has a tiger striped, deep blue, slant nose tapered head (2 ½” x 1 1/3”) with a pink and blue double vinyl skirt.  Overall, this lure measures 14 ½.” Please note: this is a closeout item and is the only one in stock.  
$38.34 $22.37
Ex Tax: $21.00
Dingaan Express
The Dingaan Express Skirted Trolling Lure, by Big T Lures. This short plunger, skirted trolling has a hand crafted, silver and black 3 1/8” acrylic head and overall it measures 16”.  The inner skirt is purple and fluorescent pink & orange, while to outer skirt black & purple. Troll speed 6-10 knots.        Pro-rigging is available; please specify which hook-set you would like.
$40.00 $26.00
Ex Tax: $26.00
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